...99% of people on diets "Fail." 

They gain back the weight. And not only that: They get discouraged, heart-broken, and are left with a lower, harsher sense of self. Have you been there? Have you failed at a diet and thought, "Man, I just SUCK.”? Chances are, if you've tried a diet, you have.

And you are not alone.

An estimated 45 MILLION Americans go on a diet each year, and yet two thirds of us are overweight or obese, and most likely in a very difficult place emotionally with their body. What does this tell you? We are clearly barking up the wrong tree.

My gift is helping people struggling with the above find joy, peace, and FLOW with their bodies. And I come by it honestly.

(Check out my About Me page!)

But aside from my very real and very vital life experience, my professional training in three key areas makes me the ultimate human compass, guiding you back to the most relaxed, confident, joyful version of yourself. She’s in there, and with some gentle guidance (and a little tough love), we can uncover that incredible version of you that we both know you can't wait a minute longer to be.

MY trifecta approach

Natalie's three-part approach incorporates nutritional education, mind-body wisdom and food to establish a healthy approach to eating.

My unique, three-tiered approach to lasting change allows me to guide you through a fun, educational and exciting coaching experience like no other. Wondering what working with me looks like? Keep on readin'!

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Part 1: Chef, you say?

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I'm a trained professional chef. I've worked in some of the best kitchens in the country, from San Francisco's Delfina and NOPA, to New York's High Street on Hudson (and even kitchens abroad!)

BUT, I know what you're thinking: "You're a professional chef; you don't know what it's like to feel uncomfortable in the kitchen!"

... FALSE! I didn't start cooking until a few years ago. 

I vividly remember cooking my very first meal of sautéed vegetables with pesto and parmesan in my apartment during my senior year at Washington University. I was scared as shit and thought for sure I would mess it up. I'm empathetic when it comes to being intimidated by cooking, and know how to scale things down to make them doable and exciting for you (not to mention BEYOND delicious!).

All of my recipes are designed to be three things: Yummy, fast, and easy-to-clean.

Sheet pan dinners, one-bowl brownies, and 5-minute breakfasts are my JAM. (And speaking of jam, I also know how to make the best 5-minute berry chia jam you’ll ever have.)

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Part 2: Mind-Body Wisdom

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What's that?! Oh honey, it is everything.

The connection between your thoughts and your physical symptoms is real and powerful; without understanding and harnessing it, you can’t step into your full strength and healing potential.

Studying at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating allowed me to connect the dots of my own struggles, both mentally and physically, so that I could go on to become a strong coach helping my clients experience true, life-changing transformation.

Your thoughts become your emotions, and your emotions become your actions.

Let’s make sure we’re thinking and connecting to our bodies dynamically and beautifully.

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Part 3: Nutrition, Herbs and Supplements

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With a pending M.S. in Nutrition and Integrative Health (and a concentration in Herbal Medicine!), I’m able to bring a science-based lens to my coaching approach in a way many other health coaches unfortunately lack.

The body is dynamic. 

By staying up to date on the latest studies and articles, I approach health from a spiritual, emotional, and scientific perspective, knowing that each are vital in their own way.


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