learn to live the life you want in the body you love!

Hi, Beautiful!

I’m Natalie, dancer, aunt, and Food & Body Relationship Coach. My guess is that you're here because one (or many) of the following are true:

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  • You find yourself constantly bingeing, over eating and making food decisions you regret. Why can't I get this under control?

  • You feel like food is something potentially dangerous you must control. A loving and relaxing relationship with food…what’s that??

  • You wake up and go to sleep thinking negatively about your body. I feel gross, bloated, better start a diet tomorrow.

  • You want to feel more feminine, soft, and attractive. When I see a photo of myself I can’t help but think: “do I really look like that?”

  • Your energy levels suck. When did this afternoon slump become the morning, mid-morning, noon and afternoon slump?

  • You’ve had enough. I just can’t do this anymore.

WHEW, I'm so glad you found me!

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