no more diet drama and trauma.

Hi, Beautiful!

I’m Natalie, eating psychology and functional nutrition coach, lover of dance, and all things yum. I'm guessing you're here because one (or many) of the following are true:

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  • You find yourself constantly bingeing, over eating and making food decisions you regret. Why can't I get this under control?

  • A loving and relaxing relationship with food? What’s that? Food is something potentially dangerous I must control.

  • You're sick of waking up every day not feeling good in your skin. I feel gross, bloated, and I hate my body.

  • You want to feel more feminine, soft, and attractive. When I see a photo of myself I can’t help but think: “do I really look like that?”

  • Your energy levels suck. When did this afternoon slump become the morning, mid-morning, noon and afternoon slump?

  • You’ve had enough. I just can’t do this anymore.

WHEW, I'm so glad you found me!

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