Are you Ready?

The shame stops now.

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break the binge one-on-one

This work is magical, deeply personal and life changing.

Are you ready?


this work is for you if...

  • You’re caught up in that diet/binge/diet again cycle for most of your life and always wonder why the hell you don’t have more self control.

  • You don’t trust yourself to make “the right decisions” around food and wish you had more “discipline”.

  • You often find yourself feeling like what just happened? after a meal, feeling defeated and ashamed.

  • You know your health is NOT where you want it to be. You may be suffering from low energy levels, hormonal issues, and difficulty losing weight. It’s an underlying fear you’re not fully facing.

  • You don’t feel comfortable or energized in your body and haven’t for a while. You’re not sure if that’s even possible for you (spoiler: it IS!)

  • You long to feel feminine, sexy, and desired.

  • Being around certain food makes you feel stressed, you put food in “good” or “bad” categories and feel guilty when you want the “bad” but unsatisfied only eating the “good.”

  • You find yourself constantly thinking about ways to restrict food, which diet to follow, or sticking to rigid exercise in order to control or alter your appearance.

  • You go to bed and wake up thinking about food, your decisions, and how your body looks or feels in a way that feels draining and frustrating, like a groundhog day!

  • You live in fear of the next event, bathing suit season, or other moments in your life that are “supposed to be “ enjoyable.

  • You constantly live in the past, thinking about how your body “used to be”, although truthfully you know you weren’t happy then, either!

  • You're ready to make a BIG investment of time and energy in YOU.

How you deserve to feel…

  • Relaxed, easy, and at peace around food.

  • Comfortable in your own skin and confident getting dressed in the morning.

  • Free to focus on whats really important in life!

  • Vibrant and attractive in your body no matter what you ate that day.

  • Excited to enjoy parts of your life you used to fear or stress over…weddings, dates, pool parties…

  • DONE with dieting, cleansing, Whole30’s and more FOREVER! You finally found your flow with food…

  • Energized! Excited to wake up in the morning and focus on things other than lunch and dessert.

  • Living in the present, loving your body NOW.

  • Scale? Who cares about the scale? I feel hot!

  • In the drivers seat, never stress about “going off the rails”

  • Done with food being a “thing”.

I am so glad you found me.


Over the past 5 years, I’ve helped women transform their life through their relationship to food, and to life.

My work is as unique as me. I specialize in a rare field of Eating Psychology, where we dig deep to rewire and reimagine your relationship to food.

No more diets.

No more rules.

This is about deep, lasting change that will give you the freedom and peace you crave.

Are you ready to hear the details?

the logistics...

  • My one-on-one coaching happens over 3 or 6 months.

  • Over that time, we have one-on-one calls every other week so that you have time to integrate the goals and lessons from each session without feeling rushed or that you’re falling behind.

  • In between sessions, I’m totally available via email or voice-note to make sure you are supported in those moments when you feel stuck (in fact, voice noting is one of my clients’ favorite things!).

  • I’m in your corner throughout and make sure you never feel neglected between sessions. If you need a phone call in between weeks-no biggie! This isn’t about nickle-and-diming, this is about DEEP change, and that comes with flexibility.

  • We go DEEP. We examine, re-wire, and heal your road blocks, your past, and your triggers around food.


  • As a client, you have access to my exclusive client portal with downloadable guides, cook books, and fun freebies like healthy city guides!

  • I also include a personalized 25-recipe cook book based on your tastes and needs, including healthy, delicious, easy to make meals, snacks, smoothies and desserts! Bring the fun into food!

  • Private clients also get lifetime access to my online Break Up With Bingeing course!



What clients are saying…


“Wow. I never realized how mean I was being to myself. Working with Natalie really changed the way I view myself, my body, and every choice I make. Instead of spending all day bullying myself, I now understand how to have my own back. It’s wasn’t easy, but finally with Natalie’s coaching I’ve been able to make huge shifts in how I treat myself, both verbally and physically. My life around has changed drastically, not just around food.”

  • Nicole M.


"I can’t explain how much working with Natalie has affected my life. Through working with her I learned: what it really means to take our time, being mindful, not judging ourselves, being KIND to ourselves, having patience. How simple self care can look and feel- doesn't have to be overwhelming, can be such tiny pivots that make a world of difference. With food and the way we eat, but I think it was really special to recognize that we way we eat is the way we nourish ourselves outside of food too, is the way we lead our lives and take care of ourselves."

  • Sofie T.

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"I love the insight Natalie gave me on intuitive eating! She reminded me that we're all experiencing an inner dialogue all day long whether we know it or not. Getting coaching on that for me was huge. I learned that only I can tell myself how I am feeling and what I'm craving. Asking yourself if you need more sleep or more water or more connection is a constant practice. Natalie reminds us that what we all need to love our bodies more is not another diet book, a boutique fitness class or instagram post on healthy eating but what we are all really craving is a strong and sincere sisterly connection with ourselves each and every day. "

  • Aja


"Natalie and her program were exactly what I needed, when I needed it! She is gentle, loving, and encouraging in her support, and so generous with her deep knowledge of health and wellness. She met me exactly where I was, pointing out how necessary it was (and is) to have patience with myself and my path to leading a healthier life. Little by little. I am so grateful!!"

  • Hannah S.


"Natalie is a real gem and I LOVE working with her. She's an excellent listener and her energy is calming and positive. Not only do I appreciate her demeanor, I appreciate her breadth of knowledge about the body, mind, and food. As her client, I feel she's truly invested in my overall well being and I can't ask for anything more than that!"

  • Laurie R.


“Natalie went above and beyond for me. She seemed to intuit the areas in my life that needed attention, better than I could! She guided me through deep rooted issues and I can feel the effects daily with how I treat myself after only a few weeks.”

  • Tess B.


Still not sure if this work is for you?

Picture yourself in 1 year from now. In 5. Now in 10. Where do you see yourself if continue on this path?

Where could you be if you put your relationship to food and body first?

This program isn’t for you if…

  • You want to lose a quick 5 pounds

  • You think diets are the way to go and want more rules around food

  • You’re comfortable feeling uncomfortable around food

  • You’re not yet ready to make yourself a priority

Have some more Q’s?

If you’ve read this far my love, what are you waiting for?

This work is ready for you. It is calling to you. And if you’re hesitant to jump in, just trust that part of you that’s dying to be heard and listened to-your intuition.

You know there’s a better life for you, and with a little guidance, inner work, and faith, you’ll get there sooner than you know.

I’ve been where you are, and I can promise you, there is nothing worth more than absolute freedom in your body and around food.

I hope you take this plunge and see how the world looks on the other side.

You deserve it.

Love and a big big hug,


are you ready

For self-love, mind-body wisdom, and an easy relationship with food.

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