What clients are saying…


“Wow. I never realized how mean I was being to myself. This program really changed the way I view myself, my body, and every choice I make. Instead of spending all day bullying myself, I now understand how to have my own back. It’s not easy, but finally with Natalie’s coaching I’ve been able to make huge shifts in how I treat myself, both verbally and physically.”

  • Nicole M.


"This program changed my life. Through coaching with Natalie I learned so many things of value- taking our time, being mindful, not judging ourselves, being KIND to ourselves, having patience. How simple self care can look and feel- doesn't have to be overwhelming, can be such tiny pivots that make a world of difference. With food and the way we eat, but I think it was really special to recognize that we way we eat is the way we nourish ourselves outside of food too, is the way we lead our lives and take care of ourselves. Seeing how it's all connected was a beautiful takeaway from the program."

  • Sofie T.

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"I love the insight Natalie gives on intuitive eating! She reminds us that we're all experiencing an inner dialogue all day long whether we know it or not. Getting coaching on that for me was huge. I learned that only I can tell myself how I am feeling and what I'm craving. Asking yourself if you need more sleep or more water or more connection is a constant practice. Natalie reminds us that what we all need to love our bodies more is not another diet book, a boutique fitness class or instagram post on healthy eating but what we are all really craving is a strong and sincere sisterly connection with ourselves each and every day. "

  • Aja


"Natalie and her program were exactly what I needed, when I needed it! She is gentle, loving, and encouraging in her support, and so generous with her deep knowledge of health and wellness. She met me exactly where I was, pointing out how necessary it was (and is) to have patience with myself and my path to leading a healthier life. Little by little. I am so grateful!!"

  • Hannah S.


"Natalie is a woman of many talents. She is an amazing chef - who can craft delicious, creative and healthy meals out of thin air. She is also a master at presenting Mindfulness in a unique way that combines emotional intelligence and positive emotions in an easy to grasp technique. Her idea of bringing her love of food and body together is truly an innovative concept. Personally I love how she tailored her program specifically for me. Thank you Natalie!"

  • Stephanie B.


"Natalie is a real gem and I LOVE working with her. She's an excellent listener and her energy is calming and positive. Not only do I appreciate her demeanor, I appreciate her breadth of knowledge about the body, mind, and food. As her client, I feel she's truly invested in my overall well being and I can't ask for anything more than that!"

  • Laurie R.


“Natalie went above and beyond for me. She seemed to intuit the areas in my life that needed attention, better than I could! She guided me through deep rooted issues and I can feel the effects daily with how I treat myself after only a few weeks.”

  • Tess B.