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One-on-one coaching


You and Me, Baby!

Chances are, you’ve tried to lose weight or get healthy on your own.  Maybe you bought a book, or signed up for an app or program. Maybe you’ve even seen a nutritionist. Well, I can promise you that one-on-one coaching with me will be different, and I’d go so far as to guarantee it will change your life.

If you're feeling like you just cannot see yourself living one more day, let alone week, month, or year feeling this way about your body and/or your health, well...I feel you, I’ve been there.

Working together is the best investment to ensure that you get out of this cycle, too.

corporate coaching


Did Someone Say "Company Culture?"

Here’s the deal: The corporate world and wellness have--for the most part--not gone hand-in-hand.

But that’s about to change! Hiring an outside Wellness Coach & Coordinator (that’s me!) can drastically change the health of your employees and the entire wellness culture of your business, without breaking the bank. Hello productivity! Hello decrease in sick days! (Damn, that’s a lot of money you’re saving!)

Turnover and employee sick days can lose companies millions of dollars over the years. By investing in your company's health culture, you’re investing in your bottom line, as well as providing a wonderful benefit your employees will appreciate!

Want to build a happy, healthy, and energized company culture? Connect with me and we’ll ensure you do!

by the way...

Whether you need an event speaker, are hosting a retreat, a Health Class at a school, or even a wellness-themed Birthday Party (Hello Self-Care adaptogenic latte’s and bliss balls!) I’m your gal! I’ll create the perfect talk, demo or hands on activity for your event. Want to get in touch and see what magic we can plan?

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