14 days to love your body


It all started when…

I was 12. I was told to suck in my stomach, and the shame flooded in.

We all have the moment when we first felt our body was “wrong.” The question is, how long have you spent thinking that? Acting from that place? And who is there to teach us how to be “right”? Magazines, tv shows, advertisements…we are taught how to view and take care of our bodies by people with vested interest in us believing there is something to fix.

That ends now.

Love Your Body takes your back to yourself. To your inner body wisdom that has been hiding under that fear and anxiety since you first felt ashamed.

With lessons, activities, and journal prompts, you are bound to find a part of yourself you didn’t realize was there all along—your inner guide.

Each day brings you closer to living in a body you love, and learning how to actively love the body you are in. There will be some healing, some growth, some emotion, and lots and lots of joy.

The details…

Each day for 14 days, you’ll wake up to an email lesson from me. Each lesson will revolve around one teaching and one homework, along with some other tips, tricks, surprises and downloads that I’m confident you’ll absolutely love!

How much?

The challenge is a cool $68!

Do we get any 1:1 coaching?

You have the option to purchase 1:1 phone sessions at a discounted rate of $85! You can purchase as many as you want during the length of your program and for 1 week afterwards. Each session is 45 minutes. I highly recommend book-ending the two weeks with a call to personalize your Love Your Body experience. I don’t offer them included with the program because it was important to me to have a very low-cost offer, and this was the only way to do it!

Does it start on a particular date?


Within 24 hours of signing up below, you’ll receive an email where you can choose your own start date, whether that’s tomorrow, a week, or month from now!

What kind of things does your program actually teach?

Great question.

LYB starts out by rewiring your brain to see yourself with love and compassion. It is only through that lens that we can start to create real, lasting change.

We then go into the science behind binge eating, stressing eating, body shame, food anxiety, and how to find your perfect equilibrium.

Home work ranges from 5 to 20 minutes a day, but each assignment holds a specific purpose, so whether it seems it or not, it’s important for you to complete each daily assignment. As with everything in life, you’ll get out what you put in!

We also get concrete with recipes, grocery lists, restaurant hacks, and how to deal with every day obstacles (whether people, jobs, or $$$) to your health.

How can I sign up already?!

Click the button below! (or, if you have any lingering questions, fill out the form and I’ll get back to you asap!)

I can’t wait to get you loving on that beautiful body of yours!!

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