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My clients and I share three important core values. With these values, our work can be powerful, efficient, and effective.

CORE VALUE #1: We go deep.

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I am not your generic health coach/nutritionist who is going to give you a meal plan and send you on your calorie-counting way. Chances are we’ll get into some uncomfortable emotions that you wouldn't think relate to your digestion. (Spoiler Alert: They do.) 

The good, juicy, life-changing growth happens when we tap into your desires, disappointments, pleasures and stresses. With me, nothing is TMI, and everything is relevant (and confidential).


CORE VALUE #2: We're building your health, not treating your symptoms.

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...And a lot of that health has to do with your gut.

Society and modern medicine have led us to believe that we need to spend lots of time and money whack-a-mole-ing our symptoms.

Got a headache? Take this pill! Got a stomach ulcer from the headache pills? Get this procedure done. Have inflammation from that procedure? Take this pill! ...and on, and on, and on it goes. This paradigm doesn’t lead to anywhere great (in fact, it often leads right back to the pharmacy for more meds).

Virtually all disease begins and ends in the gut. What you eat, when you eat, how you eat, where you eat, and who you eat will all affect your health in ways you may not even be aware of.

Our food literally becomes us. Who you are when you eat is who you are in your life. Through this lens we can understand the root causes of your health issues, and how to navigate them most effectively.

By working together to build your health, your body will be in optimal healing and repair mode. You will see results in every area of your life, from energy, to digestion, to mood stability, to weight loss.

If you’re ready to take ownership of your body, build health, and displace disease and dysfunction, this is the right place for you!


CORE VALUE #3: You determine your own outcome, not me.

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No matter how good the surgeon, the drug, the doctor, the coach, it is ultimately the patient or client that determines the outcome. You are with you every single minute of every day. That one hour a week (or however much time we spend together) can only be as effective as the time you invest in yourself outside of our sessions.

Understanding your own power in your health is paramount to leading and living a healthy and happy life, and to eventually not needing me (or anyone else!) to tell you what you need.


What you can expect from me as your coach...

  • I will be fully, energetically present at each session. I will challenge you to go deep and to SHOW UP the way you deserve.
  • I will NEVER JUDGE, scold, or shame you for your actions.
  • I will stay CURIOUS about you, your life, your struggles, and helping you find your unique path to healing.
  • I will RESPECT your boundaries, putting your comfort and safety first.
  • I will keep JOY and HUMOR in our coaching, because if you take life too seriously, you'll never get out alive!
  • I will respect your TIME. It is the most valuable thing we have, after all!

What I will expect from you as my client...

  • To be committed to YOU and your investment with me.
  • To be OPEN to trying new things!
  • To be HONEST and vulnerable, as I will be.
  • To RESPECT both of our time.
  • To SHOW UP; Mind, body, and spirit!

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