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Break up with bingeing

Find your ease and intuition with food and never need a diet again!


How familiar does this sound…

Waking up in the morning and immediately touching your stomach to check how flat or bloated you feel…

Avoiding the mirror in the bathroom because you know you won’t like what’s looking back at you…

Feeling uncomfortable in 50% (okay, 80%) of the clothing in your closet and frustration each morning trying to put together an outfit that makes you actually feel attractive and comfortable…

Constantly thinking about food, will you/won’t you make the right decision

Fearing the next time you have to make a choice about what to eat, feeling SO out of control …

Frustrated by your lack of willpower, when will you FINALLY stick to a diet and lose the damn weight

Always eager to try a new cleanse, diet, or jump back on a Whole30, thats the real version of me! This heavier version is just waiting for her real life to begin

I know you. You’re living for tomorrow.

Those pants will fit you next month. I’ll love myself when I lose the weight. I’ll enjoy my vacations next time when I’m the real version me. My real life hasn’t begun yet. But after I diet next week/month, it will!

How long have you sat in that place?

For me, it was over a decade.

I lived my life for future me. I woke up every day thinking today will be the day I successfully gain control, I lose the weight, I commit to myself.

I went to bed night after night disappointed in myself, ashamed, and ready to believe those same thoughts the next day. Diet is aaaalways starting tomorrow!

Here’s the thing…

We’re not taught to understand how we relate to food!

We’re not taught to know how to really, deeply, profoundly love ourselves. How to nourish ourselves and feel totally relaxed around food.

So guess what? It’s not your fault.

And guess what else? You CAN learn! And you should, because baby oooooo just wait for the life waiting for you on the other side!!!

Fortunately, I fought hard AF to learn.

And I am living proof that you can currently be firmly in the belief of: “I will never break this cycle with food. It will never be easy for me. I’m destined for a life of struggle and control” and guess what? YOU’D BE SO FUCKING WRONG :)

Are you ready for a new relationship to food…for LIFE?!

There’s a version of you…

That wakes up feeling excited for the day.

That has total ease, peace, and joy around food.

That doesn’t spend minutes, hours, and precious moments in a panic over how her body looks, what it weighs, what you ate or how much control you will have tomorrow.

There’s a version of your life…

Where you get to go shopping for clothes and aren’t triggered looking in the mirror seeing all of your bad food decisions staring back at you.

Where nothing in your closet makes you feel guilty for your weight.

Where you can show up as YOU, without any insecurities about who you are, how you look, or what other people, coworkers, family members, friends, or dates are thinking.

Where YOU get to live your life in your body, feeling like a total bombshell most of the time, whether in sweats or a dress because your own body turns you on.

Where food is just not a “thing” anymore!

Are you soooo fucking ready for this to be your life??

I know you are.

And you came to the right place.

and btw, this is NOT JUST ABOUT FOOD…

Healing your relationship with food affects EVERYTHING about your life.

When you feel at ease in your body, you can FINALLY spend all that time doing things you actually care about.

Some things that my clients LOVE about doing this work…

  • Killing it at work…did someone say, more $$$?

  • Enjoying your new (or reignited!) sex life!

  • Have FUN trying on clothes and going out (and btw, also have the energy to do it…)

  • Actually enjoy all movement, whether yoga, dance, spinning or boxing, your body feels SO in flow!

  • Take vacations that have zero anxiety of dieting before or after, they’re actually super relaxing without the guilt hangover!

  • Enjoying that wedding, family event, birthday party, photo op…you feel amazing as you so why not take more photos?!

Here’s what you’re dying to know…

Over 6 weeks we will dive into all the blocks, confusion, and mis-understandings around diets and bingeing.

You’ll learn WHY you’re stuck in this cycle and HOW to get out of it FOREVER.

You’ll also come out of the program knowing...

  • How to have a relationship to your body and self that you never thought was possible

  • How to dissipate binges and say goodbye to them forever

  • Why diets can’t work and how to break up with them for good, while still feel amazing in your body!

  • How to understand your cravings, urges, and relationship to food that right now feels so fucking confusing!

  • How to tap into your divine feminine and feel your ultimate intuition guide your life’s choices

  • Meditations and reprogramming exercises that you can use for life!

  • How to let go of “good” and “bad” food profiling without “going off the rails”

  • The role of stress and pleasure in your relationship to food and how to cultivate more pleasure on a daily basis

  • What intuitive eating is and how to master it

  • How to feel comfortable around food in ANY situation

  • Ways to increase your natural energy and stamina

  • And duh, more.

Then, after the six weeks you’ll be invited into an epic Alumni Group where you can continue to get both group and 1:1 support for as long as you need (something NO one else has access to unless you’ve been a part of Break Up With Bingeing!)

Program Dates: The next program starts early September, 2019!

And all the calls will be recorded, so if you can’t show up live you’ll still get all the goodness at your own convenience, forever!

Worried you’ll be “too busy”? Pshhh, I gotchu!!

Allll you need to do is make yourself available for 1 hour a week!

10 women, 10 X the growth! I looove groups so you can learn from me AND from each other, because guess what? We all share so many of the same struggles, and the common bond between women around food and body produces insane results!!!

(I’ve been a part of many group programs and I’m always obsessed with the women I meet and what I learn from their stories, plus the amazing support you get from each other).

Want some 1:1 time? You got it.

We’ll have one 90 minute deep dive, just you and me. PLUS you get me via Voxer (voice note app!) whenever you want!

Other exciting parts…

A group FB group unlike any other, where I’ll be popping in to do some coaching and some surprise LIVES on some super juicy stuff (like how to have a better sex life or how to use the art of tidying up to clear your mind and lower your anxiety)!

AND some awesome other secret perks (think personalized cookbooks, playlists, meditations, and guest instructors showing you all kiiiinds of sexy stuff!)

I am SO excited!!!

Here’s the other thing: this group will be small and intimate.

I’m currently only accepting 10 spots into this round, so if this is on your radar, book your call asap!

I’m being very intentional on who and what energy is in this group, so I’m speaking to each and every person before they enroll.

If you’ve read this far, I have no doubt that you deserve this. This is the sign you’ve been waiting for!

I can’t wait to connect and see if you’re a good fit!